Affiliation to Swim SA, WP Aquatics & SAMS

Affiliation to Swim SA, WP Aquatics & SAMS

Swimming is governed through Swimming South Africa (SSA) and Western Province Aquatics (WPA).  SA Masters Swimming (SAMS) was established to promote participation and facilitate competition amongst non-professional swimmers.  This is for both in-door galas as well as open water swimming.

ATC Swimming is affiliated to SSA through SAMS and WP Aquatics.

SAMS Affiliation Fees for the 2017/18 season are as follows (not included in ATC Membership Fees):

SSA        R300

WPA      R50 

SAMS    R50 

WPM     R45

TOT:       R445

Cut-off date for Registrations for the season is 31 January 2018.

Open Water Swimming

Open Water events offer us a safer environment to train in as there are life savers on duty and conditions are assessed by qualified people.  At most events we are permitted to use wetsuits with the understanding that we either don’t get a result or are placed in a wetsuit category.

In so far as affiliation is concerned for open water swimming, SSA and WPA does not seem to require non-licensed swimmers to purchase a day license.  The annual licence fee is R200 and if you do want to compete at a provincial level it will be necessary to affiliate.

Some of our members do compete without wetsuits and often achieve top positions.  They have not experienced any problems with receiving results or prizes due to affiliation.

Useful Links:

Swimming South Africa  -  Western Province Aquatics

Affiliate to SAMS through ATC Swimming and join our team(s) for some exciting team relays during the in-door gala season.  We highly recommend participation in the relatively few open water events there are in a year.  Just check with the organisers on how strict they will be with the wetsuit rule and whether or not you will be given a result.